May 122017

I guess I’m angry. Not the in your face I’m going to yell at you type of anger but more the simmering, it’s inside me type of anger that at some point will most likely erupt like a volcano. I have a few issues.  I have had these issues for quite some time but really haven’t had the time to address them. You see like most people I have a job that I go to five days a week and when the day is over I just want to relax. The problem is that more and more these issues I have are becoming harder and harder to ignore. I can’t keep just thinking in my brain I’ll deal with this another time. It is literally a matter of life and death for me.

I have some health issues. Amongst a myriad of health issues that I have, diabetes and cardio vascular disease are my two biggest worries. They are expensive diseases to have and have become more and more expensive every year to the point that I can’t afford to do what I need to do in order to keep things in check. Not being able to afford the care and drugs I need is the overbearing issue that I sometimes lose sleep over. I honestly sometimes pray to GOD as I lie in bed at night asking him to not take me yet, to let me live and see another day. So far GOD has said yes to my prayers but I always worry that someday the answer will be no.

Now before anyone asks the question I will tell you that yes, I absolutely have health insurance. But even with what is supposedly a good plan my prescriptions alone add up to over $400.00 per month. It wasn’t always that way but for the last four years, every year the cost I pay per month for health insurance and co-pays go up and I get less coverage than the previous year. Five years ago the same medications cost me about $170.00 per month, still a high number to me but a manageable one.

I could point fingers at politicians, pharmaceutical and insurance companies and yes they are part of the problem but it doesn’t really do me a whole lot of good at the end of the day. At the end of the day, the politicians are still in power not looking after the best interests of their constituents, the pharmaceutical companies are still charging whatever they want for life saving drugs and the insurance companies are always looking for a way to not cover what ails you in order to up their profits.

Above I said I was angry. Well I am and to be honest I am not sure what to do about it. I use to blog a lot years ago and for reasons I don’t even know myself I stopped blogging. Today I decided I am going to try and give it another shot. I will begin blogging again and maybe this time something I write will help end the insanity that is what we call healthcare in this country. Maybe, just maybe I can make a difference ot die trying.

I have always been a big believer that people, no matter what their station in life should never have to worry about paying for healthcare and should never have decide if they pay a bill or pick up a prescription. As human beings we should be looking out for one another and politics, corporations and just plain greed should never factor into the equation.

Right now, down in Washington, politicians from both sides of the spectrum are playing games with the health and wellbeing of millions of Americans. It is time for this to stop. It is time that we the citizens of the United States and not the big corporate lobbyists are listened to by our law makers and if they don’t listen we need to get rid of them. All of them, Democrat and Republican alike. Neither side is looking out for your best interest.

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